[VIDEO] Kaitlin Bennett Opposes CNN’s Jim Acosta At CPAC! Real Bombshell!

A hilarious exchange happened between Kaitlin Bennett and Jim Acosta!
For the second time, Katlyn opposes Jim at CPAC! She is a real bombshell!

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Acosta constantly accused Trump that he didn’t ‘’denounce white supremacy’’ during his presidency!

There is a video from this hilarious exchange, and Bennett tweeted it!

“I caught up with CNN’s Acosta again, and this time he refused to condemn WHITE SUPREMACY, just like he accused Trump of doing,”

At the CPAC’s speech, Bennett asked Jim if he would denounce white supremacy. The answer to this question was a refusal! Jim Acosta refused to answer!

Once Acosta tried to avoid the question, Kaitlin laughed!

This is not the first time Kaitlin confronts Jim. On Saturday, she did that for the first time. Kaitlin asked him to denounce Antifa and BLM violence. To which question, the answer was, again, refused.

Acosta shared that he didn’t want to speak to her because she wasn’t wearing a mask.

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