[VIDEO] Group Of Louisiana Utility Workers Turn Their Backs On Biden’s Motorcade

Louisiana utility workers are against Biden, and he saw that!

The Americans are very loud in Louisiana, and we’re letting the voices and opinions be heard. Do you think that Biden listens to it?

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Only eight months have passed since he’s in office, and the country and world are upside down.

Our southern border is a mess and crisis, and illegal aliens are pouring over, inflation, high gas prices, stagnant economy, COVID-19 crisis, etc.

Also, America has lost 13 brave service members because of Biden’s incompetence and many other foreigners at the Kabul airport. We can’t forget to mention the dogs left behind in Afghanistan… the entire situation is a mess!

But, Biden took a victory lap over that!

Now, we have to share the cognitive problems that Joe Biden faces, and now he cannot hide them. You can conclude on your own that he’s like a full-blown Alzheimer’s patient.

When Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana, Biden showed up in the state, and I think he regrets it!

One group of utility workers created a line and turned their backs on Biden.

Take a look at the video below:

These are the online comments.

“No one likes these people. Biden is incompetent. Harris is MIA. Their underlings are running things. Ask Democrats a simple question: “Is America safer and better off than we were 1 YEAR ago?” Not 4 years ago. 1 year. It’s taken less than 9 months for this administration to screw things up worse than anyone could have imagined.”

“How’s he going to help anyone in LA, when he just left all those Americans in Afghanistan?” 

“Nobody needs help from a guy with Dementia” 

“Joe’s family needs to worry about him and his poor health, and leave the rest of us alone” 

“I’m surprised there was no hearse in the procession. After all, he’s a walking cadaver.”

“Much respect for these good folks! “

“Well done, gentlemen.”

“Screw Joe Biden and God Bless these folks” 

I can’t understand how 81 million people gave their votes to this person.

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