[VIDEO] Gold Star Father Shares Shocking New Details About Joe “Checking His Watch” During Dignified Transfer

Joe Biden is responsible for the death of US service men

Families have lost their sons in Kabul, Afghanistan just because our “great” President wasn’t able to protect his people in the war-torn country.

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Biden is a coward who is hiding somewhere in the White House. He is not even taking questions about Afghanistan. His stupidity led to a terrible crisis and those people died.

The father of one of the service men who died went on Sean Hannity to talk about the tragedy and the death of his boy. He also talked about the Afghanistan withdrawal and the Dignified Transfer.

Gold Star Father Darin Hoover mourns over the death of his son Tayler. He died in the ISIS suicide bombing that killed 13 US soldiers.

Darin and his family didn’t even want to meet the President. We all know why. Biden is responsible for the death of their son and we understand this poor man.

Hannity wanted to know more about Biden’s attitude. At one point of the ceremony, Biden was looking at his watch. People were disturbed!

Darin told Hannity that Biden was looking at his watch all the time. Guess what… Biden was doing this every time a casket was brought out.

Biden is a cold man. He doesn’t respect family values. He doesn’t respect people’s pain. Americans want to know more about those who were abandoned in Afghanistan. What did Biden do? He just turned his back and walked away. Our “kind” President blames everyone but himself. He left those people alone.

I guess our President is too busy cleaning up the dirt after his son.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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