[VIDEO] Dr. Fauci Exposed By Eugenio Debez, Mexican Comedian In Non-Media Controlled Interview!!!

Dr. Fauci recently did numerous interviews with well-known media pundits, which presented him as a saint. From those media, not even one hostile critics came out, even though so many things were wrong.

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They treated them as God like he has never been wrong.
But all these things came to the surface once a Mexican actor and comedian Eugenio Debrez did an innocent interview.

It is a friendly way to reach the Latin population and propagandize them about the coronavirus vaccines and force them to get that job. Is this correct?

Well, these things aren’t in favor of the notorious Dr. Fauci.
Take a look at the Twitter videos, and you will come up with a conclusion on your own.

Following all those Fauci’s interviews, not a single critical question got an answer. But, I think that Debrez asked the right question that the Doctor must answer. The comedian put the Doctor under a microscope, and the public now can’t wait to hear the answers.

However, Debrez realized and caught Fauci in his lies. Now we know that the ‘fact-checkers won’t ever check those lies.’’

One of those facts is that ZERO FDA approved the coronavirus vaccine. Fauci didn’t confess this. In an interview when the Doctor was supposed to answer this question, the only thing Fauci did was tiptoeing around it. He wanted to tell the people that there aren’t long-term effects for the latest technology, which is experimental and has never been used on humans.

Another lie is the residual DNA from an aborted child in the vaccine. I mean… wait, what?
Hear the full interview.

What Dr. Fauci? Are you afraid that maybe you are exposed?

Eugenio Debrez sat notorious Dr. Fauci on the hot seat and shared all his secrets!!!

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