[VIDEO] Doocy Asks Biden Why He Sounds “So Sickly,” And Biden’s Response Was … Well, Weird

We know he is sick…

The man is old and his overall health is really bad. The man stole the elections despite the fact that he can’t lead this country. How can he even handle a pandemic?

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The so-called President appeared before the media to talk about his November jobs report. He had the courage to praise his good work. Oh, he didn’t even sound like a healthy person.

Peter Doocy asked Biden about his health, and the so-called President provided a shocking response. This was definitely weird.

According to Biden, he was sick because of his one-year-old grandson. He said the boy was having a cold.

So, Biden almost admitted that he kisses the toddler on the “mouth.”

Here’s what people said online:

Maybe if Biden would wear his precious face mask that he loves so much, he wouldn’t be getting sick?”

Why in Gods name would you put Biden on tv when he’s sick? Is there a single person with a brain in the DNC?”

“My God, this man says he’s sick on TV, and he’s not wearing his mask that he says works? What???” 

“He was about to say that he kisses his grandson on the mouth and he caught himself.” 

“So, it’s okay for Joe’s grandkids to go mask-free and kiss old, decaying relatives, but the rest of America can’t enjoy that because suddenly kids are super-spreaders?”

By the sound of Biden‘s voice he’s either getting sick or just reached puberty.”

“If the guy sounds this sick during a “pandemic” why would you put him in front of the cameras?” 

“Why does an 80yr old man have to kiss his grandson on the lips?” 

We are confused, shocked, and disgusted…

Creepy Joe shocked us once again.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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