[VIDEO] Colbert Goes Full “Cult-Propaganda” With Elaborate And Embarrassing New Vaccine Dance Number

Stephen Colbert has something to say and liberals are already celebrating

Did you take the jab?

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Liberals keep talking about “Cult 45” but this only adds fuel to the fire

These guys trust Fraudci and really hope that this COVID-19 thing lasts forever. I mean, it brings them a lot of money, remember? COVID-19 jabs are their tools and they treat Donald Trump like a monster.

The situation is out of control and Joe Biden will proceed with the plan.

Check out this video of Stephen Colbert and his audience. They look like zombies!

Here’s what people said online:

“I’m pro-vax. This makes me want to be anti-vax. Who thinks this messaging is a good idea?!? Smh”

“This is called TV PROGRAMMING, but y’all still think we’re just paranoid conspiracy theorists. Turn your TV off. All the way off.”

“I’m vaxed. And this is horrifying to me”

“It’s actually viscerally offensive to me as a writer to see the formally proud tradition of late night comedy turn into obnoxious propaganda where having the “right” opinion and pandering to your audience’s established beliefs are treated as punchlines, and real jokes are absent”

“Does anyone else just find this highly disturbing and not entertaining whatsoever?”

“I get extreme Nuremberg rally vibes watching this. The grinning audience, thinking it’s just a bit of silly comedy. This is an incredibly sinister video, actually gave me shivers. So many people will watch this and not see one issue whatsoever too, I fear for what is to come.”

“This video and others like it are the main reasons I believe covid is highly manipulated and meant to scare us into submission, and the main reason why I won’t get the vaccine. If it were real, they wouldn’t be making a fucking joke of it.”

“I’m 100% pro vaccine and this makes me want to purge it from my body”

“You don’t have to be pro vax or anti vax to think this is incredibly lame.”

We couldn’t agree more. These people are acting crazy!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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