[VIDEO] Biden Says Airlines Will Transport “3.7 Bottles” Of Baby Formula In One Of His Most Slurring Statements Yet

Joe Biden’s mental health is worse than ever

This man needs help. His cognitive impairment stops him from doing his job. I mean, Biden and his buddies stole the election because they wanted him to be the next President of the United States.

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We all have good and bad days, but Biden’s situation is a bit different. The man is sick, creepy, and dangerous.

The so-called President makes a mistake every time he takes the stage. His handlers do their best to keep him away from public’s eye, but they couldn’t stop him this time.

Dems ignored the shortage of baby formula for a really long time and the situation escalated. Biden tries to convince everyone that the problem is under control. Well, he only added fuel to the fire.

Biden said that United Airlines will transport baby formula. What’s wrong this guy? Is he delusional or what?

He claims that the United Airlines made room in the cargo area for 3.7 bottles of baby formula.

Take this man to a nursing home.

Here’s what people had to say online:

“greatest president ever LOL” 

“3.7 bottles.. that’s definitely going to make a dent. Thank you Mr President. Lol!!”

“He sounds like he just drank an entire bottle of cough syrup” 

“If I had known he was this far gone, I would have never voted for him. This is sad and worrisome to see.” 

“3.7 bottles. That will feed a baby for half a day”

“Build back better turned into air lifting formula like a 3rd world country real quick”

“How about some oil for gasoline, Gramps?” 

“I try and avoid political talks and stuff, but I am really uneasy about this man’s mental and physical health” 

“this dude is so far gone”

“Task failed successfully”

“When is this guy gonna step down?”

“That is progress, maybe next time we can get to 4 full bottles.”

“I’m embarrassed this guy is our president” 

“Thank you Mr President. Trump would’ve only gotten us 2.7 bottles. You’re doing great! LOL” 

“Whoa, listen to this guy. he is in bad shape” 

Biden tried to correct himself and said “4 million” bottles but the damage was already done.

This man is a disaster.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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