[VIDEO] Another Missing “Free Spirited” 21-Year-Old Girl Found Mysteriously Murdered In South Carolina

Another case is very similar to the one with Gabby’s murder, regarding the type of girl, age, and crime mystery.
Another 21-year-old girl was found dead right behind a fire station in South Carolina. Her name was Sheridan Lynne Wahl, born in Florida. She was in South Carolina to visit her father, and then she went missing.

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Her mother took to FB in despair, trying to find her daughter. Sadly, she was already dead.
NY Post shared that Sheridan Wahl had gone to Myrtle Beach to see her father but never really arrived there. One day later, her mother tried to find her daughter online!

“Please help me find my daughter. Last seen at 300 S. Ocean in Myrtle Beach. We haven’t heard from her since 1p, and her phone is not picking up,” Kelly DeArment Wahl wrote on Sept. 20.

“She could have been driving back from Myrtle Beach to Tampa. Let let me know if anyone has seen her. Otherwise, please pray she comes home to us safely!”

September 21 was when the dead body was found behind a fire station in Pamplico, SC, 50 miles west of Myrtle Beach.

The cause of death still hasn’t been determined.

“We are heartbroken beyond belief to share the news that our beloved Sheridan Lynne Wahl has passed,” her mom posted after learning of the tragedy. “Sheridan was our cherished and loving daughter, sister, niece, and friend. She will be missed more than words can ever express.”

The same as Gaby Petito’s murder, Sheridan represented another free-spirited young girl.

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The last words that the mother heard from her daughter were that she was starting to make the drive back to Florida from South Califonia.

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