[VIDEO] Actor John Schneider Just Blew A Million Holes In Alec Baldwin’s Absurd New “Rust” Story

What happened that day?

Many would say that Alec Baldwin is an incredible actor. Well, we won’t really go into his talent. We all know that he is an abusive person who did what he did in the past. We can’t forget that this person called his own daughter a “pig.” Parenting at its finest, huh?

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One thing stands for sure. Baldwin is a monster. This monster crossed the red line again. We have at least one good reason to believe that Baldwin is a sociopathic monster. He shot a cinematographer… It doesn’t get any worse than this…

Baldwin says he didn’t shoot Halyna Hutchins, explaining that the gun just “went off.” Like magic… The lousy actor even says that he doesn’t know what happened that day.

John Schneider didn’t bite into this story. He says that Baldwin’s story is filled with holes.

The Dukes of Hazzard star made a video and even called it “Seriously Alec?” Schneider expressed disbelief over Baldwin’s recent claim. He said that Baldwin is really involved in the situation that happened on the set of his movie “Rust.”

In the tell-all interview with George Stephanopoulos from ABC News, Baldwin said he was holding the gun on the set, but said he wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger.

Schneider did an 18-minute video to blast Baldwin. According to him, Baldwin rehearsed for his video and this “piece” was “all designed to make us feel sorry for Alex Baldwin.” There’s more. Schneider said Baldwin’s sobbing responses were “bullsh*t.”

Schneider had something to say about “the propaganda machine” as well. They promote the idea that Baldwin is the victim in this situation.

“Three weeks ago, it was a prop gun. Four weeks ago, nobody knew how in the world this real weapon was loaded on the set,” Schneider said. “Today, he didn’t pull the trigger.”

“What kind of idiots do you take us for?” he added.

“Law enforcement, people who are in charge of this investigation, please, do not stop investigating. Please, do not believe the prop gun propaganda. And by all means, do not believe the ‘I didn’t pull the trigger’ nonsense. Guns do not go off by themselves,” Schneider pleaded.

“Let us not forget this was a single-action – it was not a Colt, it was a replica … – a single-action weapon needs to be cocked and fired. So what kind of idiots do you take us for?” he reiterated.

“There is just no world in which guns go off by themselves,” he continued. “… Hutchins is still deceased. And their family is not getting an apology, they’re not getting any – in my opinion – they’re not getting any justice, they’re not getting any answers.”

Schneider tried to compare the shooting to a bully pushing a kid off of a swing on a playground.

Do you believe that the gun really went off by itself?

“This is a wonderful business we all work in. We are honored and privileged to be part of it,” Schneider remarked. “So when someone takes a crap – which obviously George and Alec have done here and obviously this woman is still deceased. Her family is still without a mother, without a wife. This is absurd.”

Check out the video:

Schneider made a few good points. Baldwin shot the lowest point in his career. We didn’t think that he’d do anything like this. He has to pay for what he did.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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