UPROARIOUS: Super Mario Bros. Ft. Joe And Kamala

Are you from those generations who played Super Mario Bros on the original 8-bit Nintendo NES in their childhood?

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I was fascinated by the video! It is uproarious!

Even if you don’t know this game, you will be amused!

The ‘’Deplorables’’ really have the talent! Besides the talent, they have colossal inspiration and creativity!

Be ready to laugh very hard!

You can see how Biden cannot climb the stairs, so he has to ride in a cart. He will pass all the difficulties only to get shot off! Really???

Then, Kamala Harris comes and reaches the pole, just to sit on it for a picture, without leaving too much to our imagination.

Hahaha, I cannot stop laughing, but watching Harris riding down the pole made me think how much ‘’pole’’ she has to have in order to ‘’rise to the top’’ in her branch.

Now, Cuomo comes to help! But this is not everything!

I won’t share spoilers, and you have to see it until the end.

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