Trump’s First Endorsements Are On Their Way- One Is Very Controversial.

Right after the CPAC speech, and his announcement that he is far from being over, Trump made his first endorsement.

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On Thursday, Donald Trump supported Kansas Senator Jerry Moran.
He supported Sen. Moran for reelection in 2022. Early support makes it unlikely that the two-term Republican would experience a severe challenge in the GOP primary.

Something very interesting is that Trump didn’t support the Former state GOP chair, Jane Timken.
Trump didn’t endorse Timken for Ohio’s 2022 U.S. Senate race.

As we mentioned in the title, the controversial endorsement that Trump made is Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.
Because Scott is a conservative, Trump sympathizers aren’t satisfied with this move.

Tim Scott is a strong conservative, and he is an excellent spokesperson for the Republican Party.
Trump’s rationale for making this endorsement has the same source as his decision not to form a third party.




As Trump said:
‘’Only a unified party can defeat the dangerous Democratic Party.’’

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