This New Info Explains Why Is Biden Pushing Vaccine Door-Knockers and How He’ll Target People…

This reveals “why”, “who” and “how” will he target people…

After he brought so many scandals, humiliation, and fear, Joe now left Americans slack-jawed once again!

Namely, yesterday, Joe and his admin announced that they intend to send out government officials to knock on doors and urge people to get vaccinated.

Excuse me..What? Is this Nazi Germany?

After receiving such a shock, many wonder why this was happening and how exactly this task would be carried out.

Should we expect two “men in black” to knock on our door one evening?

Absurd, freaky, and scary!

This negates all our rights!

Plus, the announcement came with zero context or explanation – once again!

Do you still wonder why conspiracy theories are on the rise?…

However, a new report from the CDC that may explain much of this “vaccine door-knocking” business.

Namely, the shocking report suggests that a staggering 15 million Americans have never gone back to get their second COVID jab.

Yet, this is not good enough for Big Pharma, as it wants the serum in the arms of us all, so they would do anything, even knock on our doors, to succeed in it!

Seems plausible…

Watch the video below:

So, they will begin with those who didn’t get the second jab…he’s already got the list with everyone’s name. After the knock-knock on the door, they will branch out the door-knocking project from there, as those people are considered to be already “open” to the vaccine idea to begin with.

Things have become much scarier than we ever thought possible!



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