“They Got Caught” – Trump Gives The Media What They Deserve For Spreading Lies About Hunter’s Laptop [VIDEO]

Donald Trump talked about this years ago

The mainstream media was never a fan of President Donald Trump. However, biased reporters are super busy saying Hunter Biden is a nice guy.

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Trump is fed up and so are we.

“They deceived the public; they waited. It meant 17 points in the election. 17 points more we would have gotten on the rigged election. And it was just additional rigging, if you think about it. But the New York Times essentially admitted that they knew and they admitted that it was false. And also all of our intelligence. I guess we had 51 intelligence, so-called intelligence people. They got caught. They got caught. They’re a bunch of liars and they should be ashamed of themselves.”

Watch the video here.

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Source: RedVoiceMedia

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