The Heroes That Are Taking Down Evil

April Moss talks about jabs and their detrimental effect

Moss is a real patriot and people say she is a hero. Maybe she has the answers to your questions. Let’s not forget she is an award-winning journalist and meteorologist. She spent time at CBS Detroit, but left the network last summer.

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Oh, Moss saw it all. We know what CBS guys did. When she asked to meet Candace Owens during International Women’s Month, they told her that her demand was “too political.”

They’d never do this to Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Ilhan Omar, and people like them. I guess conservatives are “too political” to make an appearance on CBS.

Moss had an interview with Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, a top doctor in Michigan and senior exec at CVS. She asked the doctor about post-vaccine hospitalization cases, but producers stopped the process. They wanted her to talk about Khaldun’s inspiration, favorite ice cream flavor, etc.

Well, Moss didn’t want to put up with any of this. She decided to go on air in the middle of the weather report, calling out the bias and lies at CBS. Moss enjoyed her interview with Project Veritas last summer. It was a tell-all interview and Moss got the best of it.

CBS Detroit fired her. You know why.

Moss will also make an appearance on the Let’s Go Brandon rally.

Check out her interview with Stew Peters.

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