Teen (19) Shared Their Experience With Adverse Reaction After The J&J Vaccine! [WATCH]

COVID jabs destroy lives

A Johnson & Johnson jab gave Emma Burkey horrible seizures and blood clots last March.

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Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s frontline doctors, shared the story of the Las Vegas teenager who developed serious complications after getting the jab. She was just 19!

Emma had to undergo five surgeries, including three brain surgeries. She had to use feeding and breathing tubes to survive. She even survived four strokes!

“I had fevers and vomiting. The doctor said it was normal, so we didn’t think any of it,” Emma narrated.

This young lady will need a lot of time to recover.

8 News Now reported:

“I’m very grateful that I was able to get better. The doctors said I was most likely not able to walk at all, now I can walk, not as great as before but I’ll take what I can get,” Emma tells 8 News Now.

She is now on the road to recovery, her weekly therapy has allowed her to stand on her own with the use of a walker and most recently with a cane.

Emma’s mother Kathy is grateful for her daughter’s positive outlook as she continues to move forward.

“Seeing where she is today, she is a miracle, she is amazing. Her attitude and God is what has gotten her this far,” Kathy expressed.

She tells 8 News Now she and her daughter both received the vaccine to protect themselves from COVID but adds that they now regret that decision.

“When you are literally faced with the possibility that your child could not be there the next day when they were completely healthy is just gut-wrenching, you just can not breathe, “added Kathy.

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