Teachers Need To Talk About Their Sexuality To Four-Year-Old Kids To Save Democracy – Teacher’s Union Prez [VIDEO]

Will this ever end?

Florida’s anti-grooming legislation is getting slammed by people advocating for teachers who are supposed to discuss their sexual life with students. Yes, they are super crazy!

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The president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Randi Weingarten, went on MSNBC so say that teachers who discuss their sexuality with young students can help “save democracy.” Horrible people. Keep in mind that AFT is the second-largest teacher’s labor union in the US.

Weingarten believes teachers talking about their sexuality with minor students could save democracy. He made these claims earlier this month and MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin had the honor to hear them firsthand.

Mohyeldin framed the convo with the AFT by suggesting that non-heterosexual teachers are “targeted” with laws like the Florida legislation by “merely existing.” According to the host, teachers have to be allowed to talk about their sexuality and gender identity with kids. This includes eight-year-olds and younger.

“Have you had conversations with LGBTQ teachers in terms of how they have been targeted just for merely existing in the classroom? I remember teachers just openly talking about personal experiences and what they’ve gone through. Now we’re seeing by how merely existing they have been targeted and smeared as a ‘danger’ to their students.”

Weingarten provided an anecdotal detailing of a kindergarten Florida teacher who wasn’t able to talk about this with kids, ages 5 and 6.

“So, obviously I have talked to several gay teachers who are members of our union to just…be their backstep. PFLAG did an amazing petition for one of those teachers in Florida, a remarkable elementary school teacher – kindergarten teacher – beloved by his kids and the parents of his kids. And he was immediately terrorized after the bill was passed and signed by DeSantis because he’s gay.”

It doesn’t end here… Weingarten says democracy is at stake.

“We have to let gay kids and gay teachers…frankly, we have to let everyone talk about their lived experience – that’s part of how you build relationships. That’s of how you unite people. That’s part of how you save democracy.”

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Let’s see how this ends. It doesn’t look good at all.

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