‘Sesame Street’ Introduces Two Gay Dads And Their Daughter For ‘Family Day’ Episode — The First Married Gay Couple To Appear On Iconic Children’s Show

“Sesame Street” made a bold move

The iconic children’s TV program introduced two gay dads and their daughter for a recent “Family Day” episode. Yahoo Entertainment reported that a married gay couple has made an appearance on the show for the first time. They say it was “a bold statement for LGBTQ visibility.”

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In a separate story, the outlet said that the two gay dads are Frank (Alex Weisman) and Dave (Chris Costa), the brother of bike-store owner Nina (Chris Costa), and their girl Mia (Olivia Perez).

In the video of the episode, the duo arrived onscreen at the 2-minute mark. “We’re here!” they said.

They shared a few hugs, and Nina said, “OK, everybody, everybody! I want you to meet my brother Dave, his husband Frank, and my sobrina [niece] Mia!”

Toward the end of this episode, Frank told the group that, “there’s all kinds of different families, but what makes us a family is that we love each other.”

“Sesame Street has always been a welcoming place of diversity and inclusion,” cast member Alan Muraoka wrote on Facebook. “So I’m so excited to introduce Nina’s Brother Dave, his husband Frank, and their daughter Mia to our sunny street. Our Family Day episode drops today on HBOMax and on YouTube … I am so honored and humbled to have co-directed this important and milestone episode. Love is love, and we are so happy to add this special family to our Sesame family. Happy Pride to all!!!!”

‘Undeniable trend of inclusion’

“The ‘Family Day’ episode of Sesame Street sends the simple and important message that families come in all forms and that love and acceptance are always the most important ingredients in a family,” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis told Yahoo Entertainment. “Frank and Dave, as Mia’s dads, are the latest characters in an undeniable trend of inclusion across kids & family programming, one that allows millions of proud LGBTQ parents, and our children, to finally get to see families like ours reflected on TV.”

Watch the episode:

There’s more.

The “Family Day” episode was historic for “Sesame Street,” but this was far from the first time it has mentioned LGBTQ issues.

In 2020, Republican US Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) criticized the program for their Pride Month tweet:

They shared similar tweet this month:

Yahoo Entertainment reported that the narrator for an “Elmo’s World” segment in the show’s 2017 Father’s Day episode approved same-sex couples by noting,” You might have a stepdad, or even two dads.”

The outlet said that a “Sesame Street” episode in August 2017 (“Hello Rudy”) featured a kid saying “I love my moms” before being kissed by her moms.

Yahoo Entertainment said that “Sesame Street” has “stood up for equality by welcoming several out celebrities on the show — including Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Eichner, Billy Porter and recently Lil Nas X.”

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