Senator Orrin Hatch Hares 4 “Presidential” Photos, And It Absolutely Buries Joe Biden

He didn’t see it coming

Joe Biden didn’t even think that things would get this bad during his presidency. He thought it would be all fun and games. Old Joe stole the election to grab some extra power and pay Hunter’s debts.

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Well, Afghanistan happened and the world condemned Biden. World leaders blame Old Joe for the disaster that took place in Kabul. Remember the man who got stuck in the landing gear of our aircraft? Those people were desperately trying to leave the country. Biden didn’t help them and the world hates us. We have nothing to do with Biden’s sick choices.

The situation in Afghanistan won’t go on its own. It is not a minor mistake. People are dying there…

The horror in Afghanistan defines our President. Our “great” President. A man with dementia who can’t even make a simple sentence.

Enter Jimmy Carter’s hostage situation in the 70s. We all know what happened back then.

Carter was finished.

Our “great” President could have handled the backlash a lot better. However, his handlers did their best to “save face” and deflect the blame. A huge mistake, if you ask me.

Americans always forgive. We are all humans and yes, we make mistakes. We would have forgiven Biden for the mistake. But, the dementia guy didn’t even bother to offer an apology. He didn’t even do an attempt to fix the situation. Moreover, he made it worse!

A real nightmare. A bloody nightmare.

This will enter history as one of the worst mistakes a US President has ever made.

This is Joe Biden’s legacy.

When it comes to legacies, we have something great for you.

Senator Orrin Hatch took to his Twitter account to share 4 photos of three presidents and their defining moments. Joe Biden is in the last photo.

So, we have Lincoln, Reagan, and Washington.

This is definitely the most damning collection of photos you have ever seen. Joe is in the last photo. It’s a photo of him walking away without even addressing the situation in Afghanistan. He didn’t want to take any questions during the press conference, remember?

A defining moment.

Orrin wrote, “For some, you can tell the entire story of their leadership in a single picture.”

This is our sad reality. He will never be the real President of the United States. He is a poor old guy who can’t make a move without his wife or his handlers. World critics have enough material to mock him now.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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