Red Button Present On The Resolute Desk Of All Prior Administrations Notably GONE For Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden receives different treatment, leaving plenty of room for speculation.

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Is Biden a legitimate president? There’s so much speculation surrounding his presidency.

The latest speculation is related to the red button. Yes, the wooden box placed on the Resolute Desk. Pretty much every US President had this.

Biden does not have it.

Liberal reporters are trying to say it was just the “President Trump box” he used to order his Diet Coke. Guess what… George Bush had it. Others had it.

And George W:

And even that Satanic Bush41:

Fox 16 has more details on this box.

“The furniture and artwork may be largely the same, but one ornament has apparently quickly disappeared from the White House Oval Office following the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

In the early days of the Donald Trump administration, reports surfaced that the 45th president used a red button atop a small wooden box to summon his caffeine fix.

“With the push of a red button placed on the Resolute Desk that presidents have used for decades, a White House butler soon arrived with a Coke for the president,” the AP wrote in a 2017 profile.

But others have claimed it was much more serious than that, that it was in fact a button to call the Secret Service at any moment when needed:

Core77 mentions Richard Branson’s book to tell a different story.

“According to an excerpt from Richard Branson’s autobiography, Obama explained the button to Branson during a meeting in the Oval Office: “They used to be there for emergencies, but now I use them for ordering tea for my guests.”

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