Rafael Nadal Reveals Breathing Difficulties As Winning Streak Ends, “When I Try to Breathe, It’s Painful”

Rafael Nadal struggled to catch a breath

American Taylor Fritz broke Nadal’s winning streak and this wasn’t the only problem the Australian Open champion deals with right now.

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Nadal talked about his struggles following the loss. He was dealing with breathing difficulties and this affected his performance.

There’s more. Nadal had to take timeouts and painkillers to soothe his pain.

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

The Australian Open champion came into the match bothered by painful breathing that he first experienced in a three-set semi-final win. He took two medical timeouts during the final. The first one came after he lost the first set. Nadal went inside with a trainer after tapping his upper left chest. He got treatment on court after falling behind 5-4 in the second set.

“When I try to breathe, it’s painful, and it’s very uncomfortable. It’s like a needle all the time inside. I get dizzy a little bit because it’s painful. It’s a kind of pain that limit me a lot,” said Nadal, who turns 36 in June.

“The thing that worries me now, it’s about what’s going on there, what I have to do now to recover and how long going to take.”

First Sportz wrote this:

Even after his semifinal win against Carlos Alcaraz, Nadal said that he had chest pains but ruled about any possibilities of a potential injury. He, at that moment, said that the pain was probably due to the adverse wind conditions. Having said that, Nadal has now 3 weeks to complete his recovery. He will skip the Miami Masters and will straight away start his clay season at the Monte Carlo Masters.

Nadal criticized those who oppose vaxx mandates:

From Tennis World:

Former world No. 1 Rafael Nadal said taking the COVID-19 vaccine was an easy decision for him because he believes in the science and the health organizations. Nadal, 35, has been fully vaccinated and he is planning to play at the Australian Open.

“I am not with or without, I am just following what the organization of health says,” Nadal said, as revealed by Reem Abulleil. “I don’t pretend to know more than the authorized people say. If the people who really know about this say that we need to be vaccinated, who am I to create a different opinion?”

Nadal called out unvaccinated people last month

“I understand that there are people who don’t want to be vaccinated, but I think it’s a lbit selfish.

We have suffered a lot. We don’t know one hundred percent about the effects of vaccines, but we have to trust the doctors. What we do know is the effect of the virus if we are not vaccinated. It seems that we are currently the country least affected by the virus and I think it is because we have a large part of the population vaccinated,” Nadal told Marca in November.

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