Pilot on Solo Flight Crashes His Cessna in the Amazon, Five Weeks Later Workers Make a Shocking Discovery in the Jungle

After an apparent mechanical failure, the pilot had to land in the Amazon rainforest

On Jan. 28, the pilot of a solo flight that departed from the city of Alenquer in the Brazilian state of Para disappeared.

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The plane was supposed to land in Almeirim, which is about 40 miles away.

Yet, due to an apparent mechanical failure, 36-year-old Antonio Sena had to make an emergency landing in the Amazon rainforest.

He managed to escape before the Cessna 210 caught fire from the inside.

Yet, he ended up with just a knapsack containing bread and a few other belongings.

As the rescue teams failed to locate him, he decided to set out into the jungle to seek help.

For four weeks, Sena wandered through the Amazon, and finally came across a group of chestnut pickers.

He said:

“I was walking in the jungle and spotted a white tarpaulin, which I pulled back to find a basket with chestnuts in by some tools and water. I followed the trail until I came across the people who raised the alarm.”

His mother was soon notified that her son was alive!

After 36 days of searching, Sena was finally reunited with his family in an emotional moment broadcast on Brazilian TV.

Sena added:

“The only thing that kept me strong and enabled me to come out of that situation alive was the love I have for my family, the desire I had to see my parents and my brother and sister again. It’s a story of love and faith.”

He explained that the situation was very serious:

“My priorities were always to look for water and try to look for food. I knew I was facing a life or death situation.”

He was undoubtedly a lucky man, as in many cases, death would have been the more likely outcome. Food in the Amazon jungle is scarce, and the place is infested with snakes and crocodiles.

To survive, Sena ate bird eggs.

Plus, gang violence is also common in the Amazon. Fortunately, the chestnut pickers he met were friendly and able to get help.

Locals agreed that his survival was unlikely, calling his rescue a “true miracle.”

Sena was taken to the hospital after the reunion with his family.

Luckily, he suffered only minor injuries and dehydration despite losing about 56 pounds.

He has since been released from the hospital.

His story is one of perseverance, determination, hope, and love.

Despite all odds, Sena survived 5 weeks in one of the most dangerous parts of the world with very few supplies, just because he didn’t give up.

He fought day and night to see his family again!

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Source: The Sun 

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