People Are Convinced Taliban Is Mocking Joe Biden With This “Ice Cream” Group Photo They Took

The Taliban are making fun of Joe Biden!

As time passes, Biden’s America Is Back becomes sillier.
The situation in Afghanistan has currently sounded the alarm, and it is only getting worse!
Reports shared that Afghan interpreters who helped us in the past are beaten in the streets and are begging for help.

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We are responsible for that because it was our duty to protect these poor people! But, Biden didn’t allow that, so he left them on their own, to save themselves as they can. The Taliban think they are traitors, so they treat them like slaves. It’s a failure.

Americans are also left, and Biden doesn’t want to help them and return them to their mother country.

How can they manage to save themselves through that hell?

I guess Biden expects that!

One photo emerged where Taliban terrorists eat ice cream cones. Biden is famous because of that, so they mocked the Americans.

We are all aware that they wanted to mock Biden!

Here’s the photo:

There were numerous comments on this image, and we found the best ones:

“Are they eating Joe’s favorite, chocolate chocolate chip?” 

“Where’re the US reporters asking what flavor they’re eating?” 

“it is funny though, these guys are top-tier trolls.”

“That’s not trolling bruh that’s the absolute evisceration of an American President. But don’t worry Joe got 81 million votes in the cleanest election ever, he knows what he’s doing.”

“Well, you can’t really blame them. After all, Biden is so easy to mock. Problem is, the rest of the country suffers because of it. This is what you get when you vote for a political hack and empty suit like Joe Biden.”

“Sometimes, the mockery is already made, you’re just performing it again as a formality, like one of those stand-up figures with the hole cut out for you to stick your face in and get your pic taken as a clown or an astronaut. Mocking Joe is just what you do, there.”

You’re right, they do appear to be mocking Ice Cream Joe.”

Biden is the president, yes! But in his time since he is the president, he only managed to make this country a hell and even harmed many other countries!

Great job, Biden. Let’s see what you will do next!

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