Our Incompetent Woke Military: Three Star General Posts Photo She Thinks Are U.S. Troops Leaving Afghanistan–Turns Out They’re British

What a mistake…

On Saturday, US Army Lieutenant General Maria Gervais shared a photo of US troops leaving Afghanistan. Surprise, surprise… She was wrong. These were actually troops from the 16th Air Assault Brigade. How could she make this mistake?

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Troops were wearing British uniforms and SA80s.

Gervais ignored this. She tweeted, “This picture is worth 1000 words—thanks to these American hero’s. #Grateful”

Oh yes, the tweet was later deleted.

About 18 minutes later, she tweeted, “Absolutely correct— British troops— thankful to our British heroes and all who helped w/ this mission! Absolutely love the picture!!”

Brits took notice of the comments Gervais made.

“Thank you General. @16AirAssltBde were privileged to be part of the team and serve alongside @82ndABNDiv and @USMC No closer Allies or friends. #AdUnumOmnes”

She replied, “This was a tough dangerous mission — couldn’t have done it without you and all our partners. Apologize up front for mistake”.

The Brits added, “No need to apologise. One Team”

Americans weren’t that kind. Retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant Jesse Jane Duff wrote, “Yikes. A 3 star general at that. My Marines woulda’ submitted my retirement papers for me if I did that. Maybe that’s why the military left so many Americans behind – the generals didn’t recognize them.”

This is a close second, “Cost of forever war for US: $2 trillion, US LTG not knowing these are British soldiers: Priceless”

Here are more comments:

“Lol Think you will find they are Brits! The SA80 kinda us (sic) a gimmie as is the uniform!”

“Not sure what’s worse. That she used an apostrophe to spell ‘heroes’ or that she can’t tell our guys from Brits.”

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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