New Details Emerge About Bob Saget’s Death…

This is going to be quite a week!

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Does John Durham really exist? We have to speak up when things don’t make sense!

Now we have to write about another story when we have the same facts playing out! When Bob Saget’s cause of death was revealed, many things didn’t feel right!

It didn’t pass the ‘’smell test.’’

The family shared a statement revealing that the cause of death was Bob accidentally hit his head and then went to bed.

We respect the family, and we spoke up to say that we didn’t pass the proverbial smell test.

How did they know all those things if no one else was there to confirm?

Everything is very odd, it didn’t have any sense, and once again, we were one of the only news outlets to raise these questions.

But, now, we have more news, stating that there was much more to the story!

Reports are released stating he died from ‘blunt force trauma to the head.’

Even the New York Times reported that the blow to the head fractured his skull in many places.

I don’t think this is an accidental fall! More:

Other reports say that injuries consistent with getting hit in the head with a baseball bat:

Quote ‘’skull crushed.’’

Meghan Maureen asked the same questions:

Here’s something from the NYT report:

However, we have another part of the story. This is a less interesting part, but it initiated a lot of debate. The boosted patients were C-19 positive.

That doesn’t fit the vaccine narrative?

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