Nancy Pelosi: “Massive Loss…A Humiliating Defeat!”

Some left-wing joker has put Bullish Noah on the Dems email mailing list, where people are asking for donations!

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In the beginning, they thought it would be funny, but of course, they were right! It is funny!

It’s even hysterical, as Bullish Noah says!

There were emails full of desperation and despair sent from losers!

The receiver of the mails was Bullish Noah because the addresser didn’t know the actual full name of Noah.
Noah shared that every email was very pathetic!

You can see the email that he received today from Nancy Pelosi titled ‘’a Humiliating Defeat.’’

The losers are speaking about their defeat.

Now we can see that Pelosi wasn’t writing the emails because, I guess, she’s drunk!

However, those who are writing and using her name to convey the message must be her close, and we guess she’s ok with that!

And you can see here another one! After a humiliating defeat, we have a massive loss!

Move on with that tempo, Nancy!

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