MUST SEE: Woman Perfectly Explains Why The Vaccine Narrative Makes NO Sense….

Vaccines can’t help us…

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Liberals have been pushing the fake narrative for a really long time.

Their lies will go against them sooner than expected. Lies tend to build up over time and yes, there are so many contradictions. Will this narrative disappear overnight?

We will witness this scenario in the upcoming period.

Remember when someone said kids were immune to COVID-19? The 99.99% survival rate?

Governments are now focused on 12-year-olds and their immunization.

They keep saying that vaccines will protect us against the virus.

Here’s the catch. If vaccines protect against the virus, why are they scared of unvaccinated people?

Are vaccines even efficient?

So, they came up with another trick. They say vaccines reduce the severity of COVID symptoms.

This woman speaks in the name of every decent American out there. Her 30-second-video will blow your mind. Don’t miss it!

Go against each and every person who forces you to take the jab.

Just start asking questions about the efficacy of the vaccine and watch them run away.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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