MOVIE SET? Plane Flies Over White House No Fly Zone

Strange things happen in the White House

Over the White House, to be more precise. Can you define the word “strange”?

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Is this somehow related to Joe Biden? Yes, our current President is nowhere to be seen, but he may have something to do with this.

If you got into the whole narrative, you will probably come up with the coolest explanation of the most recent incident in Biden’s White House. Can anyone explain why a plane buzzed over the White House during Jen Psaki’s press conference? The room was shaking and everyone noticed it. It’s a no-fly zone, you know. You can’t just take your jet and fly over the White House and the space around it. It’s a no-no.

There’s zero chance for people to hear a loud plane above the White House.

But, this really happened. What’s the whole story behind the plane-thing? Psaki probably has the answer. Well, we know she is not the smartest out there, but she was probably warned about the scenario or something like that. We need a few more points to connect the dots. Psaki knew this wasn’t supposed to happen.

Planes aren’t allowed to fly over the White House. What happened that day? Maybe this is somehow related to Tyler Perry Studios. Casterlok Studios… Were they making a movie?

We are just here to share the info and you get to draw the right conclusion. Was this a movie? Was it something else? There’s so much going on right now and we have so many questions buzzing in our head. Just like this plane.

So, here’s the video of Psaki. You can watch it on Twitter unless they take it down.

It’s still available on Rumble! Watch it before Twatter takes it down.

What are your thoughts on this one? Is it a movie?

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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