Melania Spotted Outside Trump Tower NYC, Sporting A Stunning New Look…

Melania Trump looks better than ever, making the NYC streets shining even brighter.

Everyone misses Melania, and she’s the most beautiful First Lady that America has ever had! When she was FLOTUS, Melania was always beautiful, stunning, and speaking of ‘’toe.’’ Recognizable for her signature stiletto heels, we could always see her wearing them, representing perfection.

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Well, now she’s not in the WH but relaxing from all those heels and other details, but she hasn’t let up on the designer flair that she was notorious for.

Recently, Melania Trump was noticed wearing a casual look, with a pair of pointy-toe flats walking around the streets of Manhattan. She’s like a cool summer breeze.

Take a look:

Daily Mail shared that Melania was visiting her stomping grounds in NYC after leaving the WH and moving to Florida. She made a rare foray from her Trump Tower residence on Tuesday, and she runs some morning errands in NYC.

She is 51 years old and living in Florida with Donald Trump since January. In her appearance out of the Trump Tower, she wore a beige Burberry blazer and white ensemble that matched her Louboutin pointy-toe flats that cost $645.

Also, she wore accessories with a white Hermes Kelly handbag weighing $26,250, mirrored sunglasses, and freshly made loose hair.

She left the Fifth Avenue residence in a four-car Secret Service convoy after 8:15 am. Later, she arrived at the private residence on East 76 Street and stayed for two hours. Melania Trump was noticed in NYC after one day when Donald Trump arrived at their Fifth Avenue residence.

Former President Trump went back to their home on Sunday after Sarasota, Florida rally.
Melania and her son weren’t there.

So, it was perfect to see Melania again.

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