Meghan McCain Calls On Joe Rogan To Interview Trump So Leftists Will Lose Their Minds

Meghan McCain isn’t Trump’s fan, and that’s not a secret.

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But she’s calling for Joe Rogan to have Trump on his podcast because it will drive the liberal mafia crazy.

“I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but I want Joe Rogan to interview the ex-president because the cancel culture mob would lose its mind – and that reasons enough for me” – Meghan McCain

She wrote a piece for Daily Mail stating: ‘’ It is no secret to anyone that I am not a fan of President Donald Trump.

So, this may surprise some readers to hear me take this position: I am calling on the most famous podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan, to interview the most controversial president in modern history.

Now let’s be clear, I felt that during the four years that Trump was president, whatever ideological or legislative accomplishments he achieved were outweighed by his unleashing of mental, emotional, and physical chaos that wreaked havoc all over our country in various forms. […]’’

The widely famous podcast host of The Joe Rogan Experience brought in an impressive average of over 11 million listeners for an episode.

The internet went crazy after the rumor that he will sit with the ex-president.

I listen to the episodes when the guests are newsworthy. I was excited to see the news that Trump may be in his podcast.

It would be an amazing interview and can’t be missed, and we must see the meltdown from the likes of CNN anchors and Twitter’s blue checkmarks.

However, that’s only rumors, and Joe Rogan came out this week and announced that he wouldn’t be having Trump as a guest.

Joe would love to talk to Trump, but the backlash Spotify would get from the cancer mob would be too much for them to bear.

Now everyone can appear on a podcast, so we have a China-like list of approved and unapproved people.

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