JUST-IN: The Neutron Bomb And Presidential Emergencies!

Imagine Joe Biden launching nuclear weapons!

You read it right. Presidents can become dictators and use nuclear weapons to “fight the enemy”.

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Under emergency powers, Creepy Joe can become an ultimate dictator. This will allow him to do whatever he wants. Use nuclear weapon? Why not! There’s nothing worse than a senile old man with unlimited power. I guess Biden and his Democrat friends were waiting for such an opportunity this whole time.

Biden would gladly use this against you-know-who. Let’s just hope he doesn’t lay his hands on nuclear weapons. That would be the ultimate disaster for our country. Biden has done enough damage already. We’ve had enough of him.

This video on Banned discusses this topic and gives us a different perspective. Biden may be more powerful than you can ever imagine. Simple as that.

We live in dangerous times. Dangerous times require dangerous measures. Sort of.

Governments can use neutron bombs on us. It happened before.

“The nukes are for us.”

They leave no residue and live forms. Sounds scary? Is this how they plan to cut the world population in half?

This probable scenario suggests that nations can launch nukes towards smaller cities. Governments killing their own people?

Presidents have powers, but this is just too much. Killing their own people for someone else’s vicious plan? This has nothing to do with safety. Killing people is a crime. We, citizens, are above them all. We should just gather forces and fight the regimen before they kill us.

Some would say this is crazy, but truth is, all the crazy predictions turned into reality. COVID-19 is a clear example. They planned it all many years ago. The results are here. Millions of people died. Who will protect us from nukes?

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Source: The True Defender

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