Joe Biden Did NOT Get a 21-Gun Salute, He Got The Salute For Funerals and Visiting Foreign Dignitaries!

We all know that the Presidential Salute includes 4 guns and 21 shots in rapid succession. The sitting US President only got 3 guns and a 10-second pause between firings. As you may know, this is the Salute for funerals and visiting foreign dignitaries.

My friend Daniel posted this today:

Here is a zoom in so you can read it better:

I didn’t know much about it and I don’t like to publish things unless I can confirm them myself, so I started looking into it and I found it appears to be 100% true!

Now I know we have a lot of military that read WeLoveTrump, and this is only based on the research I can find, so I’d love to hear from some experts to know if you agree or disagree.

But here’s what I’m seeing…

From Wikipedia:

Today, a 21-gun salute is rendered on the arrival and departure of the President of the United States; it is fired in concordance with four ruffles and flourishes, which are immediately followed by “Hail to the Chief”—the actual gun salute begins with the first ruffle and flourish, and ‘run long’ (i.e. the salute concludes after “Hail to the Chief” has ended). A 21-gun salute is also rendered to former U.S. Presidents, foreign Heads of State (or members of a reigning royal family), as well as to Presidents-elect. In such a ceremony, the national anthem of the visiting dignitary’s country is played, following the salute.


A gun salute is not to be confused with the three-volley salute often rendered at military funerals.

Here’s what the US President and the Vice President got that day. Oh, it’s more than obvious that Biden was honored with three cannons.

People had expected reactions to this. Many suggest that this salute marked the end of Biden’s time in the Oval Office.

Backup on Rumble:

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Here’s what people were saying online:


Here’s what former president Donald Trump got in 2017. Yes, we can see the difference.

Backup on Rumble:

There’s no delay and there are definitely four cannons.

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Here is another one for Trump:

Did someone decide to show ultimate disrespect for Biden? Maybe someone was trying to imply that he is not our president.

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Source: edition.cnn.com

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