Jab Injury Reporting Issues+ McCullough Shares Side Effect Patterns

Did it all start in the US? Dr. Anthony Fraudci has to answer a few questions

A lot of people place the blame on our country. I guess we gave them a reason to talk because of all the frauds and unsupported demands. Governments around the world enacted mandates following our example.

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“Discussing the COVID-19 drug and the effect it has had on the human body since being made available, Dr. Charles Hoffe noted that the jab had the worst safety record of any “vaccine(?)” in history. Dr. Hoffe also admitted that when it came to injuries being reported, Canada doesn’t have a system put in place like VAERS. He said, “Canada doesn’t have a vaccine injury reporting system; they pretend to… I’ve tried reporting vaccine injuries on my patients FOURTEEN TIMES, and in every case the reports get sent back with the response that these aren’t vaccine injuries; these are all coincidences.”

Dr. Peter McCullough said that “at least 200 million people have received one dose of the COVID-19 drug. Of that number, one million have claimed to be suffering from injuries due to the jab. Another 21,000 ended up losing their lives according to Dr. McCullough with 35,000 being permanently disabled. ”

The video is available here.

What do you think about this?

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