Illinois Capitol Building Features Demonic Creature Next To Christian Nativity Scene (Photos)

One disturbing scene happened at the Illinois State Capitol, and many Americans were shocked.

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We are Christians, and we have freedom of religion. Christmas is the biggest holiday in our religion, and we have to celebrate it without being mocked or ridiculed. The left-wing politics can’t and mustn’t ruin that.

But, the leftists don’t want to understand that.

One left-wing political group from the Satanic Temple made a political stink, and now, a satanic deity is placed next to the Christian nativity scene in the Capitol.

Take a look at this:




Big League Politics reported that Illinois Capitol included a satanic religious exhibit that mocks the Christian nativity scenes this holiday season. The figure of Baphomet is placed by the Satanic Temple.

The Satanic Temple stated Sol Invictus represents a holiday of their religion, even though the holiday’s grounding in Roman and Greek polytheistic religious beliefs is different from the Abrahamic figure of Satan.

The organization says that fighting for abortion is their goal, but this is the third year when a satanic exhibit has been included at the Illinois Capitol mocking Christianity.

A New Mexico artist created the Child Baphomet figure. The Satanic Temple placed an exhibit at the Illinois Capitol that depicted Eve taking the apple as told in the Old Testament.

Christians protested the satanic statue by reciting the Rosary.

These were the online comments.

“it is very unappealing and disturbing that’s for sure but part of me likes knowing gov’t displaying exactly what they are to the world.”

“Unbelievable. They’re showing their true colors.”

“Funny how they only insist to put it out there around Christian holidays.”

“They have it every year! It’s disgraceful!!!”

“Absolutely blasphemous”

“Looks like a choice is being asked to be made”

The left will ruin everything.

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