Hunter Accidentally Admits That Joe Has Dementia

Joe Biden has dementia

Everyone knows it. Foreign reporters took notice of Biden’s declined health. His deteriorating cognitive condition is making headlines all around the globe…

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Well, the mainstream media in the US started reporting on Biden’s dementia. Maybe Biden should step forward and admit that his mental health has declined.

Need more proof?

Miranda Devine from the New York Post has a new book. According to her book, Hunter Biden told his therapist that his dad has dementia.

Hunter said that overcoming dementia would make his dad a man of respect.

We have at least one good reason to believe that Hunter wasn’t joking. His statement may be a mockery, but he can’t deny the evidence.

Fox News reported this:

A few months before Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign, Hunter Biden was exchanging text messages with Keith Ablow, his therapist and friend, in early January 2019. The book highlighted that Ablow and Hunter were discussing Democratic presidential candidates when Ablow said, “Your dad is the answer” and then later quoted himself, mockingly saying, “Any man who can triumph over dementia is a giant. Think what he could do for our nation’s needed recovery.”

Becker News added more:

Furthermore, Joe Biden may have had progressive dementia for nearly the last decade.

“Reached at his Massachusetts office, Ablow declined to comment, but he once diagnosed then-Vice President Biden as having ‘early onset dementia’ during a 2012 appearance on Fox News, so that background may underpin the banter,” the book added.

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