Here’s How President Trump Becomes President BEFORE 2024 (You Have Not Heard This Before!)

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Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes explained how Trump could become a president again before the 2024 election! You haven’t heard this before!


There are many members of Congress retiring and not running for reelection, plus the disastrous ruling of the Biden Regime contributed the Republicans set to have a massive red wave of new Congress seats. That way, they can easily impeach Biden and Harris!

Well, you could attempt to have the election unwound and decertified, but we can see that it is a long process.

But, what if there was a quicker way?

With immediate impeachment and removal, who comes third in the line to become the president?

The Speaker of the House!

What is Trump becoming the speaker of the house by that red wave? Also, you don’t have to be a Member of Congress to be appointed Speaker of the House!


We have the process of bringing Trump into the White House as President! It will happen without Pence!

We’ve believed that this has been planned by Trump the entire time, and they have to wait until the 2022 election, and later they can share everything!

If Trump takes office this way, the two years from 2022-24 don’t count against him, so he gets those two years and then wins the biggest landslide in 2024 to serve a total of 10 years in office.

They launched the most detailed sting operation from his SCIF in the Eisenhower Building. And, everything is recorded.

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