Footage Shows Ukrainian Nationalists Torture Fellow Citizens And Shooting Prisoners Of War!

People are shocked, distressed, and angry to see this.

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Graphic videos are circling online that show the torture of prisoners of war by Ukrainian servicemen.

“The video circulating online shows captured soldiers being shot in the legs without medical assistance,” Russia’s Investigative Committee stated. Alexander Bastrykin ordered “investigators to establish all the circumstances of the incident, collect and record evidence and identify all the persons involved in it to bring them to justice subsequently.”

Initially, we didn’t know where the videos were taken, but reports say that they were recorded in the eastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv, and nationalist units see that.

The video shares that Russian soldiers are prisoners of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion and are tortured. It’s an inhuman treatment performed by the Ukrainian civilians.

Patrick Lancaster, an independent journalist, reporting from Ukraine, shared a video report titled Woman Found Tortured in School Basement “Military Base” in Mariupol.


There is another video report where he talked to refugees from Mariupol and said that Russian soldiers are moving people out of Mariupol for their own safety.

“The help only came from the Russian side,” one refugee said.

Another refugee explained: “We spent a month in a bomb shelter [in Mariupol]. One hundred sixty people in a very small room. Without light, without water, and without food. We drank snow, rainwater. We found grubby technical water and drank it, and we gave it to our children as well. All the time, we were fired upon by the Azov. They all stood in our yards, shooting from their guns, attracting attention. They knew perfectly well that they covered themselves with our inhabitants; they covered themselves with us. They knew that Russian troops would not fire on civilians.”

“In western Ukraine, in Europe and the USA, they say that Azov is trying to do something good for people. – They don’t try anything. I don’t know who is trying that; Azov is killing people and destroying the city. That is all.”

Watch the video:

BBC talked to a Ukrainian soldier who had a NAZI symbol on his uniform.

The BBC stated that the Azov battalion wasn’t a NAZI military formation, and those who stated the contrary are Russian propaganda.

Watch the video below;

We call for an investigation in Ukraine. A truthful and honest investigation by the UK government is needed, and we have to know if crimes happen in those fields.

The UK is too entrenched in a specific narrative, disregarding what’s right or wrong. They have to right the wrongs they have committed.

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