Two Americans have been entrapped by the FBI to disparage MAGA.

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After the 2020 election, many mandates have been imposed across America, and people were pressured by the government’s push the vaccines to workers.

One group called ‘’Wolverine Watchmen’’ created a plan to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer from her vacation home. They spent the last couple of weeks on trial, and the jury acquitted two men as the FBI
informants were accused of plotting the plan.

Now, the jury debates the destiny of two others.

Julie Kelly said, “For two of the men who were acquitted accused of conspiring not just to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, but to produce a weapon of mass destruction. Two men were fully acquitted. The other two [were] a hung jury, absolutely zero convictions, numerous charges related to this FBI concocted plot that, as you say, was politically timed to coincide as millions of Americans were voting in the 2020 election, produced all sorts of negative headlines for Donald Trump. Joe Biden gave all sorts of statements. Gretchen Whitmer gave a dramatic press briefing and then did interviews for The Washington Post etc.”


Kelly added, “Well, luckily, these four defendants had excellent defense attorneys. They built a very compelling and obviously convincing case of FBI entrapment, which the judge allowed the jury to consider after closing arguments last Friday. Today, they came back and were deadlocked on the two men but acquitted the other two men on all charges, basically rendering the FBI today guilty of entrapment of at least two innocent Americans.

Bannon interviewed Darren Beattie, the editor of the Revolver News, and confessed, “It’s clearly a tremendous embarrassment. I would say even humiliation for the Department of Justice, for the FBI, for the entire panoply of regime journalists who latched on to this case from the very beginning to generate the narrative of Trump-supporting domestic extremist terrorists. These arrests originally occurred in October of 2020, and the narrative exploded. They’re trying to kidnap the governor. And one thing that a lot of people overlook is that it wasn’t just a so-called kidnapping plot. It was also a plot to storm the Michigan State Capitol. There are so many extremely suspicious parallels between this failed entrapment operation.”

He added, “There’s one detail that I think really warrants emphasis all the time, and that is that the person who oversaw this failed entrapment operation. His name is Steven D’Antuonoo, he ran the FBI Detroit field office, and he was promoted to the DC field office to oversee the January 6 investigations. I think Steven D’Antuonoo has a lot to answer for. We should not forget his name, and he should be called to testify before Congress for all different types of tribunals. To answer for what the hell was he doing in Michigan and why was he promoted to oversee the January 6 case. Americans need to know this name?”

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