Family Of Trump Supporters Goes To MLB Game And Brilliantly Triggered Every Biden Voter On The Planet

The family must receive an award!

One photo resembles 1000 words. And, this is what happened to one family who was supporting Trump at Atlanta Braves game.

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Everything was perfect, and we cannot explain it with words, so you have to see it and feel it.

You will see a father, mother, and their two kids watching a Braves game in the photo. They all wear baseball jerseys, which is quite normal, but on their backs was something unusual.

Jersey 1: Trump Won

Jersey 2: Dementia Joe

Jersey 3: Biden Sucks

Jersey 4: U Know It


Below you can read the comments from the people:

“Rock stars.”

“I’d buy them each a hot dog…or a beer, or anything the f**k they wanted for that matter. TWO of anything they wanted!!!”

“I would buy them all a hot dog and a drink.”

“Some people speak their truth…others wear it.”

“Buy him a beer!! Love it!!”

“Amazing family!!!” 

“Brilliant idea! I want these shirts for my family”

“I’d buy them anything they wanted.” 

“This  will pis off every single Biden voter and I love that!”

“God Bless this amazing patriotic family” 

“Parents teaching their kids the truth. God love them.” 

“Amen. I agree with everything those jerseys say” 

“Best thing I’ve seen today.” 

“That took some bravery to wear. We need more brave people like this” 

“Best American family on the planet” 

“I want to be friends with this family!” 

I agree with these comments 100%!

We all love when people at public events show their emotions and their love towards their country.

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