Dr. Scott Atlas Revealed COVID Lockdown Measures Increased Death & Poverty Worldwide [VIDEO]

The Biden admin still uses the C-19 pandemic to promote the mandates and protocols. The Dems say that the lockdowns, masks, and shots are in the name of public health. Dr. Atlas speaks against the absurdity of the Biden admin mandates and the government as a whole. However, he recently broke down the lockdown, and the shots didn’t stop the virus from spreading and the effects we still suffer.

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In the video below, you will hear Dr. Atlas criticizes the government for killing the Americans with the lockdowns, which negatively affected the population.

C-19 isn’t the only virus around; it has many mutations.

Dr. Atlas has seen the effects of lockdowns, which were supposed to save people, but they killed them.

Watch the video below:

Dr. Atlas explained that the lockdowns caused:

  • 400,000 new deaths from Tuberculosis because of the diversion of resources.
  • Tens of millions more babies dying of malaria because lockdowns affect supply chains.
  • Half of the 650,000 Americans who have cancer skipped their chemotherapy during Spring 2020.
  • About half of heart attack and stroke patients did not call an ambulance because they were afraid to go into a medical facility.
  • About two-thirds to three-fourths of cancer screenings were not done.
  • 85% of living organ transplants were not done.

The lockdowns couldn’t protect the elderly population from C-19 and even pushed 130 people into poverty.

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