Dr. Peter McCullough Crushes Big Pharma’s Last Line Of Defense For Good

The narrative has completely been destroyed!

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With the efforts of the mainstream media to censor and ban the popular Dr. McCullough, his reputation is getting stronger and bigger!

This doctor is a medical scientist and cardiologist; McCullough was the target of censorship when he shared the truth about the C-19 vaccines’ side effects!

He talked to WND and shared that the pandemic story is crumbling!

McCullough explained that the Dems narrative about the C-19 was “false statements regarding asymptomatic spread, reliance on lockdown and masks – which obviously didn’t work – the suppression of early treatment, the mass promotion of vaccines that failed. And now here we are, almost in complete free fall.”

From the data shared by the UK’s health agency, Dr. McCullough concluded: “That’s not the misinformation. I’m just quoting the data. All of this can be looked up. Fact-checkers can look at it. I know I’ll never have any problems with allegations of misinformation because I just quote the data.”


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