Dr. Patricia: Donald Trump Has Wrestled With God Like Jacob And He Is Returning Soon!

An eye-opening message

Dr. Patricia is not as popular as Dr. Fauci. But, no one wants to be “popular” like him. She spoke in the name of every decent American. Her message is clear and you really need this at the moment.

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We have heard so many people say God told them something. Yes, some of these are terrible. But, you don’t want to miss this one.

This one will hit you in unimaginable ways. Well, this is our opinion. Listen to this lady and tell us what you think. You’d definitely agree with us.

Dr. Patricia said God gave her a dream and the ability to interpret it.

She dreamed of pastors who mocked Donald Trump, saying he hadn’t won the election. However, the former President walked back and reclaimed his trophy. He reclaimed his place in the White House.

The anti-Trump pastors had to live with the fact that Trump won the election. God placed Trump in the Oval Office for a reason.

Pastors who won’t accept this will have to be “removed.”

Rings a bell?

Do you know the story of Jacob’s wrestling with God? He wrestled with the Creator and prevailed. He ended up with a limp as a great reminder of his wrestling with God.

Many prophets have talked about this. They all say Trump wrestled with our Lord. He may win but he will have a limp. Trump will return but will be humiliated.

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