DISTURBING IMAGE: 5-Year Old Girl Forced To Take COVID-19 Test To Return To School Comes Home Bleeding From Nose & Eyes

The children can’t take these PCR tests! The nasal swabs aren’t meant for that. The CDC admitted that the fake tests couldn’t detect the real difference between the flu and C-19. No one can prove that C-19 is a threat to healthy youngsters.

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You can’t force them to perform the tests. The nasal swabs are harmful. One FB post shows the outcome of these tests.

Something even worse is that the hospital told the mother that it was normal. IS child abuse normal???

This is the full FB post:

**update: I have spoken to the health unit and Dr Paul. directly. It wasn’t the health unit that said this was normal. It was the hospital in hawksbury who we spoke to. They are responsible for the testing centers. The health unit is currently investigating the situation**

I am not one to complain or post personal things like this but when you mess with my kids then it needs to be addressed. I’m going to try to be as sensitive as possible to other peoples opinions on this. But I have so many emotions right now I don’t even know where to begin.
Our health unit gave us one of 3 options for our 5 year olds to go back to school. 1) get tested 2) isolate for 10 days 3) prove that their illness is related to another illness/condition.
As much as I didn’t want to get them tested, they wanted to go to school and they wanted to see their friends. They are sick of all of this as much as I am. So we got them tested. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED WHEN ONE OF THEM CAME HOME. 30 minutes of heavy bleeding from her nose and eye. Stopped. And then started again. These nurses do this how many times a day?
The health unit says this is normal and to monitor it. They said they may have hit a nerve. HOW IS THIS NORMAL? How are you going to downplay the fact YOU did this to my child? They also mentioned that they normally do mouth swabs on children but today, for some reason, the system said a nasal swab was needed??
I expect the nurses doing these tests to be experienced and do these tests PROPERLY. Not traumatize my child and possibly damage a nerve.
I’m all for respecting people’s opinions on covid and how they choose to deal with it. Whether your pro vax or antivax, I really don’t care. But this is my child and now she is traumatized over something she doesn’t even understand. I’m angry. I’m sad. I have major mom guilt. Over something that wasn’t even necessary. Colds still exist. Flus still exist. If you’re sick then stay home. It’s as simple as that. Just don’t put an innocent child through this shit. It’s heartbreaking.
I’m not trying to cause a debate as I know there are thousands of tests that get done on children and don’t have this outcome. I just want to raise awareness of what can happen and to TRUST YOUR GUT.


The child abuse has to stop!!!

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