Did The CDC Just Create Another NEW PANDEMIC In Pennsylvania?

They won’t stop here…

We may be dealing with another pandemic at the moment… The whole thing started in Pennsylvania.

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A truck driver crashed into a dump truck near Danville, Pennsylvania, letting four crab-eating macaques loose.

‘’ There is still one monkey unaccounted for, but we are asking that no one attempt to look for or capture the animal. Anyone who sees or locates the monkey is asked not to approach, attempt to catch or come in contact with the monkey. Please call 911 immediately,” a state trooper PIO wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Believe it or not, the cynomolgus monkeys were part of the development of the Covid jab.

Brian Wilson has more information about the monkeys and their role in CDC experiments.

One of the witnesses of the crash deals with serious symptoms.

The video is available on Banned.

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Source: The True Defender

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