Democrat Rep Asks The Dumbest Question Of The Year, Gets Completely Owned In Under 30 Seconds [VIDEO]

Is there an award for The Dumbest Person on Capitol Hill?

Hakeem Jeffries could definitely get it. Jeffries had a hilarious exchange with Mark Paoletta, an attorney who worked as general counsel to the Office of Management and Budget from January 8, 2018 to January 20, 2021.

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Hakeem Jeffries: And I believe Mr. Paoletta, you’ve echoed a similar sentiment. I think your quote is many on the left hate Justice Thomas, because he is a black conservative, who has never bowed to those who demand that he must think a certain way because of the color of his skin. What evidence do you have to support that incendiary charge?

Mark Paoletta: When Chairman Bennie Thompson calls him an Uncle Tom, because of his views on voter ID and affirmative action. When in fact, more black Americans support voter ID and with respect to affirmative action in college education, they’re 62% opposed to it. So so that is the most vile disgusting thing you can say. And so yeah, that’s the evidence I just gave you

Hakeem Jeffries: Reclaiming my time.

Top of Form

Mark Paoletta: Yes.

Hakeem Jeffries: There are a lot of vile disgusting things that can be..

Mark Paoletta: Well you just ask me for an example.

Hakeem Jeffries: The notion that that is right, when some members on this side of the aisle and others have been called the N word throughout different points of our life belies the point that you have a particular bias. And it’s an overstatement, which is not surprising when you look at the balance of your testimony. And if Chairman Bennie Thompson has an observation to make. He’s entitled to free speech. You apparently believe that Ginni Thomas, regardless of how many conflicts she has, is entitled to her own political opinions as well.

Mark Paoletta: Can I give you another example?

Hakeem Jeffries: No.

Brutal, just brutal. You gotta love how retreated after realizing just how dumb of a question that truly was… and the smug way he replied ‘No’… My God.

Seems more and more people are waking up to all the absurdity going on these days based upon the comments we’ve seen surrounding this little video clip.

Here are just a few of them…

“Conservatives look at economy, crime, and immigration… Liberals look at racism, racism, racism, homophobia, racism, racism, transphobia, racism, racism, racism.”

“Black liberals are their own worst enemies!”

“Its the Democrat view only that is allowed. When the Republicans take over, have these same hearings and ask all the questions. Lets see all the video of Jan 6 and the FBlie involvement.”

“Someone tell Mark Paoletta that this isn’t 1859 and owning someone that hard is against the law. Hakeem Jeffries couldn’t handle the answer so he pretended to be a victim. He argues like leftist college kids.”

“Unless you are blind or stupid you would know, the vast majority of racists in the country are Democrats.”

“Hakeem Jeffries ask a question he got an answer to and didn`t like the truth, so he went in a different direction and wouldn`t let the guy give another example. That gives me the impression that Jeffries wants to manipulate the answer to suit his own purpose.”

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