Data From A UK Hospital Astounded The World: Vaccinated People Account For 80% Of COVID Mortality… Deaths From COVID Have Increased By 3,000% Since The Vaccination Campaign Began.

The world is in a matte position from the combination of science deception, institutional coercion, bribery, government, MSM fake news, and Big Tech censorship.

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No one can prove that the vaccines lowered the risk of hospitalization and mortality. Hospital information from the UK frightens the world, sharing terrible indications of vaccine failure and vaccine-linked deaths.
In the UK, vaccinated people registered up to 80% of the C-19 deaths. They are now 3,000% more than the previous year when the vaccines didn’t even exist.

Vaccine efficacy was touted for a year. Now the experimental shots are increasing the risk of severe respiratory issues and iatrogenic death.

The UK’s public health mortality numbers are very high and frighten the world. The UK’s Yellow Card tracks vaccine injuries and errors, and we can notice the trend of vaccine failures.

C-19 vaccines cause more hospitalizations and deaths in healthy persons, and they would have survived the C-19 infection without a problem. Many sick and dying people maybe battled the infection and recovered, so now they have natural immunity, but the vaccine would destroy it.

The deaths are 3,000% more than the last year when the vaccines weren’t even invented. The last evidence from PHE shows the vaccination danger. From February to September 2021, the unvaccinated are only 28% of the population.

The same data comes from PHS. Scotland has seven C-19 deaths from August to September 2020. It has 222 C-19 deaths one year later in the same period, with a high vaccination rate. After the mass vaccination, the dead raised to 3.071.4% higher. Vaccinated deaths take 80% out of all C-19 related deaths.

95% efficiency of the vaccine is an invention, and they are only increasing the risk of disease.

People are forced to get the vaccine due to travel, education, and work. C-19 cases are roughly comparable among the vaccinated and unvaxxes individuals, shared the statistics.

We could see 69.639 positive unvaccinated cases from August to September 2021. The vaccines don’t protect you from infections.

The vaccinated population death rate isn’t below 95%. Scotland has 208 C-19 deaths from August to September 2021. We have 41 unvaccinated death, nine partly vaccinated deaths, and 158 fully vaccinated deaths. If the vaccine were effective, then these numbers would have been way too different. The vaccines are increasing the death rate to 400% in the UK from the data we have.

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