Daily Mail Just Found $5.2 Million Dollars Worth Of “Unexplained Income” In Biden’s Financial Records

It can always get worse…

Joe Biden should finally open up about his struggles and do the best for the country. Retire.

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Creepy Joe has a surprise for us all every time he makes a public experience.

A recent story published by Daily Mail will force Biden to explain a few things related. Yes, he has to explain those $5.2 million.

These money goes around Biden’s financial records. Daily Mail went all over his papers and found a huge mistake.

Numbers didn’t add up and we know why. Where did those millions come from?

According to Daily Mail, Biden agreed to pay Hunter’s legal fees for his big deal with a company controlled by the Chinese government. I guess Biden is tightly related to his son’s overseas business. The old man said he had never discussed these business deals with his son before. He lied.

Biden earned millions of dollars through his company and he has enough money to cover Hunter’s fees.

Some of these money came from Biden’s book deals and speeches.

What about the extra money? Yes, Jill earned some money in her life as well.

What about the $5.2 million? These millions weren’t listed on Biden’s transparency reports.

If you do the math, you will realize that Biden may have 10% share in Hunter’s big deal with the Chinese. Is our President getting money from foreign companies?

We would really appreciate if Biden answers these questions.

He will have to address the results of the latest poll first. According to this new poll, only 19% of all people want Biden to go for another mandate in 2024. Only 7% support Kamala Harris.

Dems will get rid of him in no time. They didn’t even think of his dementia.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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