CORRUPTION: Hunter Biden’s “Art” Costs $100,000 MORE Than Signed Picasso Paintings

This Tuesday, New York Post Miranda Devine warned about the shady business of Hunter Biden’s paintings.

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During the Tucker Carlson’s shot, Devine shared that some of the paintings cost more than $100,000. That’s even more than Picassos’.

“In the end, I went across the road to another art gallery, a very high-end art gallery called the Martin Lawrence gallery. And they have beautiful paintings by Picasso and Marc Chagall and Roy Lichtenstein and so on, and they are cheaper. You can buy a signed Picasso for $400,000, which is cheaper than Hunter Biden’s $500,000 paintings,” she said.

“So I think that the people who are paying insane prices for Hunter Biden paintings are not really doing it for the art,” she concluded.


The liberal media remained silent about Hunter’s illegal business. If Don Jr. did something like this, I don’t think they would be this silent.

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