Censorship Continues: Google Deletes 100,000 Negative Reviews From Robinhood App

Google has once again put their hand in the censorship cookie jar.

Big Tech giant Google has just deleted over 100,000 negative reviews of the stock market app Robinhood.

The reason for all the negative reviews was due to the fact that Robinhood suddenly halted all sales on GME and AMC.

It’s speculated that Robinhood halted the sales of GME and AMC due to the fact that a large amount of Reddit users started buying shares in massive amounts which resulted in GME and AMC stock shares skyrocketing.

The result of the shares skyrocketing put large hedge fund billionaires in hot water who put shorts out on Game Stop and American Multi-Cinema.

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Forbes covered the story, see what they had to share:

Google has deleted at least 100,000 negative reviews of the stock trading app Robinhood from the Google Play app store, cracking down on angry users ‘review-bombing’ the app en masse.

Google’s move came after more than 100,000 Android phone users left angry 1-star reviews on Robinhood’s app — pulling its aggregate score down to 1 out of 5 stars — following its decision to halt the trading of several popular but volatile stocks including Gamestop which have seen an unprecedented social media-fuelled rally in the past week.

After Google’s action, the app’s average review score is now back up to 4.3 stars out of five but the total number of reviews has dropped from over 300,000 to around 177,000.

Just read a couple of the reviews:

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It’s no surprise that Google deleted over 100,000 reviews to help the Wall Street cronies out and it’s quite ironic that an app called Robin Hood is trying to protect the rich and rob the working class.

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