CDC Data Breakdown, Consequences Coming? ‘You Can’t Hide This Anymore’ – Ed Dowd & Robert Kennedy Jr [VIDEO]

There’s more to come…

We are stuck in the middle of the biggest mystery in history. There’s so much going on…

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Joe Biden’s entrance in the White House started it all. This old man is up to no good. Pandemic, immigrants, border crisis, inflation, gas prices, Afghanistan… The list goes on and on.

Biden is in the first year of his presidency and we have a feeling that he and his “friends” won’t stop here.

Enter Ukraine. Vladimir Putin. According to Edward Dowd, former equity portfolio manager for Blackrock, the Russian conflict with Ukrainians is nothing but a diversion… Someone is trying to expose the truth about the plannedemic.

Dowd discussed the pandemic and the new agenda. He talked about mandates, masks, vaccines, and other “popular topics.”

“The rate of change [in all-cause mortality] is the smoking gun. The rate of change and the acceleration into mandates and boosters,” Dowd said. “Basically, in my mind, it’s case closed.”

The video is available on Rumble.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is under attack for his comments on the virus.

“He was an extraordinary older brother. He’s brilliant, he’s well-read, he cares deeply, he is extremely charismatic,” Kerry Kennedy, Robert’s sister, said. “He has a childlike buoyancy and lightness to him. He’s a beautiful person in a million different ways. And then he has this.”

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Source: Red Voice Media

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