California “Epsilon” Variant Could Evade Covid-19 Vaccines, Study Says

The latest study reveals that the California EPSILON variant would weaken CVODI-19 vaccines.

The Epsilon variant’s three spike protein mutations would weaken the vaccines because they would break down the neutralized antibodies. The latest study by the University Of Washington School Of Medicine shared it.

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Science Daily covered this story.

“Three mutations in the Epsilon coronavirus spike protein dampen the neutralizing potency of antibodies induced by current vaccines or past COVID infections.

The mutations give this coronavirus variant of concern a means to totally evade specific monoclonal antibodies used in clinics and reduce antibodies’ effectiveness from the plasma of vaccinated people.

To better understand the exact immune escape strategies at work here, the scientists visualized this variant’s infection machinery to see what is different from the original configuration of the pandemic coronavirus, and what the implications of these changes are.”

At the beginning of this week, scientists warned about the Lambda variant, which originates in Peru, last summer. According to them, it is very contagious and resistant to COVID-19 shots.

However, the Biden Administration with Delta variant petrified people that forces them to get vaccinated.

On Tuesday, Biden shared that he’s sending goons door-to-door to harass people who still haven’t received the vaccine.

I guess the tyrants are never going to let go of their newfound power.

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